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Happy Easter Jaguars!

Posted by Mrs K on Apr-9-2018

It was a busy Easter in Year 3: making chocolate nests, a rainy day Easter egg hunt and creatingsome amazing cards. Happy Easter to everybody xxx

Home Learning Finale…..

Posted by Mrs K on Apr-9-2018

Again, this term’s efforts and enthusiasm for our Home Learning ideas have been incredible….(and delicious!!)

Robotic Dance Off!

Posted by Mrs K on Apr-9-2018

The Jaguars really enjoyed the finale of their Robotic Dancing by having an end of term Dance Off – great moves Year 3!


Posted by Mrs K on Mar-23-2018

The Jaguars have been using their powers of description to create their own WANTED! posters for the Iron Man…


The Hills are alive…….

Posted by Mrs K on Mar-23-2018

In our UK topic, year 3 have been exploring the different activities that can take place in hills and mountains across the UK. This created lots of lively discussion when discussing their ideas in groups.

Mechanical Posters

Posted by Mrs K on Mar-23-2018

Jaguars have been given a brief to design a mechanical poster to advertise the Iron Man in order to boost a drop in sales of the book. So far they have explored making a moving model which uses an input to create an output movement. They are looking forward to exploring this further next week!

Let the Home Learning Continue…..

Posted by Mrs K on Mar-23-2018

World Book Day….

Posted by Mrs K on Mar-12-2018

Jaguar Class enjoyed dressing up for our postponed World Book Day, everybody looked fantastic!

Super Sandwich Makers

Posted by Mrs K on Feb-26-2018

Today year 3 had a very exciting visit from Warburtons, we found out about the history of the company and watched a film which showed us all the different stages of bread making at one of the Warburton factories. Then after looking at the Eat W ell plate we began to think about what sandwich we would like to make. Everything was provided for us including our own hairnet!! Mrs Kelly and Mrs Davis particularly enjoyed wearing these….

To finish off the workshop everybody took home theor own freshly made sandwich and a  Warburtons loaf of  bread!

Home Sweet Home!!

Posted by Mrs K on Feb-14-2018

It was an exciting couple of days in year 3 as the Jaguars started their Wednesday morning in their normal class but were registered after lunch in their brand new one! There was much excitement over stairs, door codes, sensors and what hid behind each new door …. As the new classroom arrangement began to take shape, we still managed to find time to share lots of new donated books and more of our lovely Home Learning projects.