Please don’t cut down our tree…..

As part of our work with this term’s book, The Great Kapok Tree, the children imagined they were the animals in the Rainforest. Whilst the woodcutter was asleep, the animals whispered different reasons why he should preserve the great Kapok tree and not chop it down. This helped them to write some very persuasive letters to the sleeping man….

Let’s Get Physical….

The Jaguars really enjoyed their Kidz Fit session with Karl this week. Lots of great moves were on display but best of all they listened really carefully and responded very enthusiastically!

We Won!!

A little while ago I entered the children’s ‘Golden Lines’ work into a competition to win a model volcano and we won! The Jaguars were very excited to receive their prize in Christmas party day, although I think some of their own Volcano creations could compete with this one!

And They’re Off…..

At last the day Jaguar class have all been waiting for  Eruption Day! Once we had worked out the correct ratio of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, a steady round of erupting volcanoes took place throughout the day in Year 3, after the excitement we were left with the lingering scent of a fish and chip shop……!!

Getting Messy!

At last, Jaguars were let loose with their volcanoes and a paintbrush! Great fun was had developing our ‘splatting’ techniques to create some pretty amazing volcanoes. Eruption day is looming…watch this space!

Home Learning

The Home Learning continues to entertain and educate us all….

More fantastic Home Learning….

We love sharing all of the Home Learning that keeps coming in, the children are always very enthusiastic and positive when talking about what they have created at home.

The Pebble in My Pocket

Jaguar class have really enjoyed starting our new book, ‘The Pebble in my Pocket,’ they passed a pebble around and used their senses to describe different memories. They then turned these ideas into some super lines to create their own Pebble Poem.

After that the children listened to the description of the beginning of the pebble’s journey from the eruption of a volcano. They chose their favourite line from the story, a ‘golden line,’ and illustrated it using pastels.

For or Against?

Jaguar class thought long and hard this week about the pros and cons of living near a volcano, after lots of lively discussion, they grouped the ideas into reasons For and Against. This resulted in some fantastic balanced argument writing.


Winners of the Picture Book Competition

After hours of deliberation, Miss Gelder and I have selected the winners of the Picture Book Competition. The winners will receive a book of their choice from the upcoming book fair. Thank you to everyone who entered, it has been a pleasure reading all of your books. (Mr Drury)

 The winners are:

Year 1 – Renee S. (Johnny and the T. Rex)
Year 2 – Eva W. (Poppy’s Perfect Pattern)
Year 3 – Milo H.R. (Spotty Cow)
Year 4 – George B. and Holly P. (The Monster , The Story of the Sea)
Year 5 – Ella M. (Rock Hard)
Year 6 –  Amy H. (Maul Changes)

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